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Kickass Torrents – 20+Alternative Websites for 2023 (Try Now)

Do you want to know about alternatives to Kickass Torrents? 

After the shutdown of Kickass Torrents, we have tested, reviewed and compiled a list with the best Kickass Torrents Alternatives .

The US authorities have taken the KickassTorrents site down a couple of years back, but there are new websites online that look just like it.

We have listed clones in our article. The site may not look exactly the same as the original, but the functionality is identical.

Bye-bye to endlessly searching for a Kickass Torrents alternative! Sites listed below give you unlimited access to movies, apps, music and videos.

Top 20+ Kickass Torrents Alternatives Sites to Use for 2023

The removal of KickassTorrents is part of a larger effort to limit the copyright laws. 

Some people use torrents only to download legal material. There are a lot of great alternatives to KickassTorrents.

We recommend that you use a VPN to protect your privacy before visiting these websites. 

VPNs protect your torrenting activities from government agencies and your internet provider so that your downloads and browsing history can’t link back to you.

NordVPN comes out as the best VPN for torrenting. With its top-notch P2P and download speed, you’ll be able to access any blocked website as well as torrents.

NordVPN tested and analyzed dozens of websites to ensure they worked. 

Here is our curated collection of the eleven best alternatives to Kickass Torrents which work now.

1. The Pirate Bay

It is the largest torrenting site in the world . The Pirate Bay has tens and millions of users a month. They also have the same number of files. The Pirate Bay is still accessible with a VPN, even though the US Government has blocked it.

The Pirate Bay has always impressed us with its fast download speed and user-friendly interface. We found the search engine to be particularly impressive due to its verifiability. On TPB, users are able to flag potentially dangerous downloads. Site features even visual tags to highlight unreliable torrent files.

The Pirate Bay is a better alternative than Kickass Torrents , outperforming them in many categories. Since The Pirate Bay is banned in many countries, including its mirrors sites, users are looking for alternative.

You can unblock the TPB by using a VPN such as NordVPN. We used NordVPN in order to unblock The Pirate Bay, and the other KickassTorrents alternatives listed on this page.

2. 1337X

It is clear that 1337X holds its own against the competition. The torrent site offers a variety of entertainment, but primarily focuses on TV shows, movies and music.

Many users prefer 1337X for their entertainment needs, mainly because the site lets you browse by category such as Oscar winning films. You can discover content that you may enjoy.

We were pleased to find that 1337X has no annoying ads, and provides decent download speeds between 3 and 4 MB. It is easy to use and has a clean interface.

It is important to note that 1337X’s library is much smaller than those of competitors. The site also has many copies of copyrighted materials. Be sure to check the file sharing laws in your country and proceed cautiously.

3. YTS

YTS has to be the most popular torrenting site for movie lovers. YTS has over 70 millions visits a year, a speedy download of up to 4 MB/s and a flawless website.

YTS has a fantastic interface and a huge library. The KickassTorrents alternative has thousands of torrents, which include old, rare titles, in HD quality. We were able to find the movie titles we wanted when we tested YTS.

This site also compressed all of its downloads. So even if your bandwidth is low, you can still stream HD content or download files.

As with the other torrent sites on the list, there are many torrents of illegal movies available at YTS. Proceed with caution.


EZTV’s website isn’t very attractive. It looks old and outdated. Compared to Kickass Torrent and similar sites, EZTV has a much smaller audience with only 20,000,000 visits per month. The download speeds are also slower, at around 2 or 3 MB/s.

We still found that EZTV was a great alternative to Kickass Torrents for two reasons. The EZTV Community is surprisingly lively. Users can upload their new releases immediately. This is why so many people still use EZTV despite the clunky user interface.

5. TorrentDownloads

It’s been around a while, but TorrentDownloads is losing its popularity. They now only get about 3,000,000 visits per month. It’s a version with a discount of Kickass Torrents. The design is similar and the download speed ranges from 2 to 3 MB/s.

Why do people use this? TorrentDownloads can be a great alternative to Kickass Torrents, thanks in part to the collection of obscure titles. This includes video games and rare ebooks . There are also a lot of Asian media.

The ads are the main reason TorrentDownloads has lost its popularity. They appear everywhere. Even more tabs will be opened with ads by the website. We noticed the ads weren’t dangerous, but understand why people are frustrated. Use an Ad Blocker for removing ads, and nordVPN in order to mask your IP address.

6. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents offers a seamless user interface, and a good ratio of seeders/leechers for new torrents. The download speed is also in the range of 3-4 MB/s. LimeTorrents has been a KickassTorrents replacement for years. It also offers a variety of search options.

LimeTorrents , like TorrentDownloads is also losing favor among the torrenting community . In our research, we found that the ads on LimeTorrents have become more intrusive since its most recent update. The ratio of seeders to leechers on the site is almost never positive for older files.

7. Nyaa

Nyaa has a highly specialized torrent website. There are no ISOs or general movie torrents. Nyaa is focused exclusively on anime. Nyaa is a great alternative to Kickass Torrents if that was what you were looking for. The library on the site is good and there aren’t many ads. This site is visited by over 40,000,000 users each month.

Most animes are protected by copyright. Nyaa’s content is, in most cases, illegal. Nyaa’s legality depends entirely on the laws of your country. We urge you to check local legislation and use a torrenting VPN in order to protect your privacy online.

8. Demonoid

This torrent website has existed since 2003. It’s been upgraded over time. It was , along with The Pirate Bay, one of the biggest trackers on the internet in the early 2000s.

Demonoid offers users a huge library of torrents. This makes it an excellent site for finding your favorite TV shows, movies, apps, and games. It’s a simple website with not much to look at, but the torrents provided fast speeds. Demonoid’s interface is easy to navigate.

This website has the advantage that it does not allow torrents that have malware, or pornographic material. You must be a member of the site to access the forum.

9. YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent, another popular torrenting website and a good alternative to Kickass Torrents. It’s no longer as popular, but it is still an excellent option.

The site, which started out in 2003 as “myBittorrent”, has gained a reputation for its large library of P2P file from all kinds of categories. Although the website’s layout may not be the most user-friendly, it is still intuitive. We always find the content we are looking for and have plenty to choose from.

YourBittorrent is a torrent tracker website that works with BitTorrent. It’s free to use and doesn’t require registration. This makes it an excellent alternative to KickassTorrents for those who just want a simple torrenting website.

10. Torlock

Torlock is a leader in security and safety. It has gained a reputation for its campaign where users were promised $1 per fake torrent reported. This site is great for movie and television fans. The site has close to 50 000 movie torrents.

During testing, we found Torlock to be easy-to-use. The interface is intuitive and has great functionality. We were less pleased with the ads that we encountered. We were also hit with a Drive-by Download during our testing. This is a serious privacy risk.

Torlock can be a great alternative to Kickass Torrent, but you should always access it using a anti-virus solution as well as a virtual private network.

11. Torrends

Torrends doesn’t look like a traditional torrent website. It does not have its own collection of torrents, but instead monitors popular sites such as The Pirate Bay and. You’ll need to visit these sites to download the files. It’s not a real alternative to Kickass Torrent, but you can still find it very helpful.

Users like Torrends for the fact that they can easily access an extensive database of files. It’s particularly useful when you can’t locate a particular product on another popular website. This website also gives users an overview of the latest torrents.

12. Snowfl

Snowfl is the next KickassTorrents Alternative. This is a simple torrent website that lets you download torrents free of charge.

Snowfl has replaced SeedPeer (formerly Meganova), which makes all the right sounds.

You can search for torrents and results are displayed below the bar of the search. Visit the torrent website or use the magnet link to download.

Magnet links are useful because most torrent sites have been blocked in different parts of the world.

You can also search by application and software.

Using filters, you can also search separately for verified torrents and NSFW ones.

13. iDope

iDope is the next website where you can find magnet links and torrent files. iDope is similar to KickAss Torrents in that it provides torrent files as well as magnet links for peer-to-peer sharing of files using BitTorrent.

iDope’s UI is very intuitive and simple. iDope has a reputation for providing only verified torrents.

You can view the ratio of seeders and leechers, the age, the size, the health of the torrent before downloading it.

14. Torrent9

Torrent9, a popular French torrent website is worth mentioning. It contains many torrents, such as TV shows, songs, software, and games. The website was designed for users to find the content they are looking for easily.

Finding the latest BitTorrent files on various BitTorrent trackers is a pleasure when you are an aggregator.

Torrent9 is also available on all the major platforms, and with most internet service providers. This website contains an impressive collection of , with over 2.3 millions torrent files.

Torrent9 has become one of the best and most reliable torrent sources. It has almost become as popular as KickAss torrents in recent years due to the popularity of its library and large number of files.

15. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk offers torrents for everything from TV shows to anime and audio. TorrentFunk is the place to go if you want to find your favourite games, music or TV shows.

The alternative KickassTorrents site allows you to see the most popular searches, and provides you with magnet links for downloading your favourite content.

It’s simple to search, navigate and download any thing instantly, even though its interface may not be very attractive.

16. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy can be a great resource to anyone who needs access to various content and files. Over 15 million visitors per month visit the site to access a large library of content, such as movies, TV series, music, software and games.

Torrent Galaxy’s focus on high-quality content is one of its key features. Many torrents on this site come in HD or other high-quality formats. The site also has an active community that helps maintain the file quality and ensures it is safe for download.

Users can also download directly from site servers using magnetic links and direct links. This eliminates the need for torrent clients. Users should be cautious when using torrent sites and make sure they do not download copyrighted material or malware.

17. Kat.sx

Kickass Torrents may not be completely gone. Kat.sx, a Kickass Torrents clone, offers you the exact same experience as the original Kickass Torrents. Be careful when using this website as it could contain viruses, malware or load unrelated pages whenever you click anything.

18. ExtraTorrent

The popularity of this site is steadily increasing. The layout isn’t the best, but you won’t care about that. Extratorrent is available on several sites.

Here you can find legal downloads for open-source software, public-domain films and images, as well as music and pictures that are free to use.

19. Mkvcage

This site’s content is clear. This torrent site is clearly focused on unlicensed material, as it focuses primarily on DVD rips. It has a much more contemporary site than other torrent sites that we have seen. It’s one torrent site that leaves little room for those looking to legally download content, given the fact it also offers streaming links to Openload and other sites.

20. BitLord

This would be the site to use if you wanted a torrent website that was “family-friendly”. BitLord has a filter that allows you to filter out all adult material. Users can also report any adult material to make it more family-friendly. This site offers torrents for a variety of different content.


Kickass Torrents, once a titan in the torrenting world, has left a lasting legacy. Its vast library and user-friendly interface made it the go-to for many torrent enthusiasts. However, with its shutdown, there arose a void in the torrent community.

Thankfully, numerous Kickass Torrents alternatives have stepped up, offering similar, if not better, features and libraries for users. As torrent sites continue to face scrutiny and potential legal challenges, it’s imperative for users to be aware of the risks and always prioritize online safety.

Exploring alternatives is not just about finding another platform, but about understanding the evolving landscape of torrenting. While the golden era of Kickass Torrents might be behind us, its spirit lives on in its successors, ensuring that the torrent community remains vibrant and active.

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