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Handwritten Signature Generator for 2023 (Type or Draw)

In today’s digital age, where electronic communication has become the norm, having a handwritten signature adds a touch of personalization and professionalism to your documents. 

However, only some possess the artistic skill or time to create a unique and visually appealing signature. That’s where handwritten signature generators come into play. 

This article will explore the top handwritten signature generator tools available, their features, and how they can simplify creating handwritten signatures online.

How to Use Handwritten Signature Generator (For Draw)

  • Use your mouse or touchpad, or draw a signature online on the screen of your smartphone, web, or iPad.
  • Choose font color, width, and angle
  • Click save to download the file.
  • Then, jump to the next tab (Sign Up to Add Signature).

How to Use Handwritten Signature Generator (For Type)

  • Use your keyword or type your Signature online on your smartphone, web, or iPad screen.
  • Select the font color and design.
  • Click save to download the file.
  • Then, move to the next tab (Sign Up to Add Signature)

Top 7 Handwritten Signature Generators: Enhance Your Digital Signatures

1. SignNow


Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: SignNow offers comprehensive features for creating and managing handwritten signatures. Its advanced customization options enable you to fine-tune your Signature, adjusting size, thickness, and curvature parameters.

Pros: Advanced customization options, HIPAA-compliant electronic signature software, seamless integration with cloud storage platforms, user-friendly interface

Cons: Some advanced features may require a higher subscription plan

Integration: SignNow seamlessly integrates with well-known cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, enabling users to import and export their documents effortlessly. Additionally, it provides integration capabilities with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, project management tools, and collaboration platforms, facilitating efficient data exchange and optimizing workflows for enhanced productivity.

2. PdfFiller


Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: PDFfiller is a versatile online platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for document management, including a handwritten signature generator. With PDFfiller, users can easily create digital signatures that mimic their handwritten signatures, providing a personalized touch to their documents.

Pros: Easy-to-use interface, diverse font selection, customizable signatures

Cons: Limited advanced features, may require subscription for full functionality

Integration: Integration Options: PDFfiller integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, allowing easy access to documents and efficient collaboration.

3. airSlate


Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: Airslate is a comprehensive business automation platform that includes a handwritten signature generator as one of its core features. Airslate’s signature generator enables users to create personalized handwritten signatures to enhance the authenticity and personalization of their documents.

Pros: Easy-to-use interface, diverse font selection, customizable signatures

Cons: Limited advanced features, may require subscription for full functionality

Integration: Airslate integrates with popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, allowing users to import and export documents seamlessly. It also offers integration options with CRM systems, project management tools, and collaboration platforms, enabling efficient data exchange and streamlined workflows.

4. Signaturely


Availability: Web App only

Description: Signaturely is a user-friendly online platform that simplifies creating digital signatures. It offers a diverse selection of handwritten fonts and styles, allowing you to customize your Signature to suit your individuality.

Pros: Easy-to-use interface, diverse font selection, customizable signatures

Cons: Limited advanced features, may require subscription for full functionality

Integration: Integrates with popular document management platforms

5. Dropbox Sign (HelloSign Formerly)

Dropbox Sign

Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: Dropbox Sign is a versatile handwritten signature generator that offers both handwritten and electronic signature options. Its extensive library of fonts and styles ensures you can find the perfect Signature to match your personality or brand.

Pros: Wide selection of fonts and styles, integration with popular platforms, user-friendly

Cons: Free version has limited features, and advanced customization requires a subscription

Integration: Integrates seamlessly with popular document management platforms

6. DocuSign


Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: DocuSign is a well-established handwritten signature generator trusted by millions worldwide. While primarily known for its electronic signature capabilities, it also provides a range of handwritten signature templates.

Pros: Reliable and trusted platform, extensive user base, offers both electronic and handwritten signatures

Cons: Limited customization options for handwritten signatures. Some advanced features require a higher subscription plan.

Integration: Integrates with various document management platforms

7. MyLiveSignature


Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: MyLiveSignature stands out with its extensive handwritten fonts and styles collection. This signature generator allows you to create signatures that closely resemble your natural handwriting, giving your documents a personal touch.

Pros: Extensive collection of handwritten fonts, personalized signatures, free version available

Cons: Limited advanced features in the free version, may not have integration with all platforms

Integration: It has not been mentioned on the website.

8. SignEasy


Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: SignEasy is a user-friendly signature generator that offers a seamless experience for creating handwritten signatures. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for users to generate personalized signatures without hassle.

Pros: Intuitive interface, smooth user experience, supports handwritten signatures

Cons: Limited customization options, may not have advanced features for power users

Integration: Integrates with popular cloud storage platforms and document management systems

9. PandaDoc


Availability: Web App | iOS | Android

Description: PandaDoc is a versatile tool that allows you to create handwritten signatures easily. It offers various customization options to personalize your Signature according to your preferences.

Pros: Customizable signatures, user-friendly interface, supports multiple formats

Cons: Limited integration options, may not have advanced features for complex workflows

Integration: Integration options may vary

How Many Ways to Create a Handwritten Signature?

Creating a digital handwritten signature requires a signature generator tool and a few basic steps. Follow these steps to create your unique handwritten Signature:

Choose a Signature Generator Tool: Select a reliable and user-friendly handwritten signature generator tool that offers the needed features. When choosing, consider factors such as customization options, integration capabilities, and user reviews.

Access the Signature Generator: Visit the website or open the chosen signature generator tool application. Create an account or log in to access the tool’s features and functionalities if required.

Select a Method: Depending on the signature generator tool, choose the preferred method of creating your handwritten Signature. This could involve using a digital pen and tablet, selecting a signature template, utilizing handwriting recognition, customizing from scratch, employing AI-based generation, or importing a scanned handwritten image.

Follow the Tool’s Instructions: Each method will have specific instructions provided by the signature generator tool. Pay close attention to these instructions to ensure the best results.

Create Your Signature:

  1. Implement the chosen method to create your handwritten Signature. If using a digital pen and tablet, sign your name on the tablet’s surface.
  2. If selecting a template, choose a style that suits your preference and customize it if desired.
  3. Write your Signature on paper and scan or capture it for handwriting recognition. If customizing from scratch, use the online signature maker for drawing or writing interface to create your Signature.
  4. With AI-based generation, input your name or initials, and let the tool generate a signature. If importing a scanned image, upload it and adjust it according to your requirements.

Customize and Refine: Once the Signature is created, you may have options to customize further and refine it. Adjust size, angle, thickness, or transparency to achieve the desired appearance.

Save Your Signature: Save your handwritten Signature within the signature generator tool after creating and refining it. This allows you to access and use it whenever needed.

Test and Verify: Before implementing your Signature in official documents or digital platforms, test its appearance and compatibility. Ensure that it aligns well with your name and represents your identity accurately.

Integrate and Utilize: If the signature generator tool offers integration capabilities, explore options to seamlessly integrate your handwritten Signature with document management systems, cloud storage platforms, or email clients. This integration streamlines the process of applying your Signature to various digital documents.

Practice and Adapt: Familiarize yourself using your handwritten Signature in different contexts. Practice applying it to various documents and adapt its size and style to ensure legibility and professionalism.

Following these steps, you can create a personalized handwritten signature using a signature generator tool to add a personal touch and authenticity to your digital documents and communications.

Why Use a Handwritten Signature Generator?

Convenience and Time-Saving: With a handwritten signature generator, you can create a personalized signature within minutes, eliminating the need to spend hours practicing your penmanship or scanning physical signatures. These tools provide a hassle-free experience, especially when dealing with high volumes of documents.

Professionalism and Authenticity: Handwritten signatures carry a sense of authenticity and professionalism. They make your documents stand out and leave a lasting impression on recipients. By utilizing a handwritten signature generator, you can maintain the elegance and sophistication of a handwritten signature, even in the digital realm.

Versatility: Handwritten signature generators offer a wide range of customization options. From selecting different fonts and styles to adjusting the thickness and angle of your Signature, these tools allow you to tailor your Signature to match your personal preferences and professional needs.

Consistency: With a handwritten signature generator, you can ensure consistency across all your digital documents. This is especially important for businesses and organizations that require a unified and recognizable brand image.


A handwritten signature generator holds immense potential for revolutionizing the practices of both enterprises and individuals seeking to authenticate their documents digitally. 

By offering a quick, effortless, and highly secure method for signing papers sans the requirement of physical signatures, this innovative technology delivers an excellent solution. 

The advantages it bestows regarding time, financial savings, and expended energy make it unsurprising that an increasing number of individuals are embracing its usage.

 Whether you find yourself at the helm of a business or navigating life as an individual, incorporating a handwritten signature generator into your routine can streamline your workflow and bring a profound sense of simplicity. 

Therefore, why not seize the opportunity and embark on an exploration of this cutting-edge technology?

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