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How to Check and Restrict Data Usage on Your Phone?

You must spend a significant portion of your day on your phones, such as reading the news, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, chatting and calling, etc.

Today, there are a variety of mobile apps available with a wide range of functions. 

Social media apps, gaming apps, photo and video editors, educational apps, corporate apps, music players, and others are among the app categories available.

However, using these apps requires Internet connectivity most of the time. 

If you have many of these applications on your phone, the cost of data can swiftly pile up as the mobile app consumes your internet access.

Therefore, it is worth auditing the apps you use to ensure they are not overstepping and using more data as they should. 

Restricting data consumption for specific apps is among the most effective methods to fix this problem. 

This article will discuss preventing any app from utilizing mobile data on Android and iPhone.

How to Check and Restrict Data Usage for Installed Apps on Android?

Androids are often bashed for their lousy app controls and data permissions. 

So, if you are an Android user worried about the same thing and looking for ways to reduce Internet data consumption. 

Here are the steps to check and restrict background data on your Android:

Open the phone menu on your Android phone. 

Now, Scroll down to the Settings and open it. Next, go to the Network & Internet, followed by Data Usage. 

Alternatively, go to Settings followed by SIM card and mobile network followed by Data Settings & Data Usage.

Once you have landed on the Data Usage page, you will see the amount of data used at the top. 

You can further see the data each app on your phone consumes and restrict the background data usage by toggling it off. 

Apps that use the most data are Facebook, YouTube, Chrome browser, and some gaming apps.

To turn off the data server on phones with Android 10 and above, go to the Data Setting and Data Usage page, then tap on Data Server and select Unrestricted data. 

Here you will see a list of all apps on your phone. 

Now, toggle on the bar next to the apps to restrict data.

How to Restrict Data Usage on Android for Specific Apps

You can save data on your Android device by turning off mobile data for specific apps that use a lot of data. 

The options for accomplishing this goal differ from one Android brand to another and from one Android version to the next. 

Some devices will not even let you do this.

Follow these steps to switch off cellular data for specific apps if your device enables it. 

Open the Settings on your phone, then tap on Wireless and networks, followed by Data usage, Network access, and then through the list of mobile applications. 

Now, clear the checkbox for apps to disallow using mobile data.

In this way, you will be able to minimize and control your mobile data usage. 

Eventually, reducing the data subscription costs.

How to Check Which App is Using Data in the Background?

Are you running out of mobile data sooner than you should? It may be because of the apps running in the background. 

Here is how to create a data plan to avoid exhausting the cellular data.

Open the Settings app and tap on SIM card and Mobile Network, followed by Data Settings & Data usage. 

In the Data Monitor section, tap on Set Data Plan and fill in the details of your weekly or monthly data usage. Tap DONE when you’re finished.

It will help you keep tabs on your data usage and prevent unnecessary data consumption and high cost.

How to Check and Restrict Data Usage for Installed Apps on iPhone?

Mobile data on your iPhone or iPad allows you to surf the web without a WiFi network. 

Even though most phone carriers provide unlimited data plans, most users opt for limited data plans.

Fortunately, most iOS versions have excellent tools to track and limit data usage. 

Here is how you can check and minimize data consumption on your iPhone.

How to Check Data Usage on iPhone?

First, you need to figure out how much data you are using. 

If you have a monthly data cap, it is advisable to reset monthly data usage statistics to view your monthly data use. 

Go to Settings, followed by Cellular, and then scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Here you will see the data consumption stats for all your apps and reset Statistics.

How to Restrict Data Usage on iPhone?

To control the data consumption of each app, go to Settings, followed by Cellular, and then view mobile data usage for each of your apps. 

Now, turn on or off the mobile data to control the apps and their data consumption.

To limit mobile data usage for Safari reading list, automatic updates, files apps, and iBooks, go to setting and tap on each category, and toggle off the cellular data.

Last, to turn off the mobile data usage completely, tap on Settings, then Cellular, and turn off cellular data.

How to Disable Background App Refresh on iPhone?

Go to Settings and then tap on General, followed by Background App Refresh. 

Now, toggle on and off the background app refresh for all or some of the installed apps.

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