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10+ Best Real Estate Investor Software in 2023 (New Edition)

Success in today’s digital world is all about the appropriate tools being used at the right time.

Real estate investing can be made more efficient by the use of digital tools. 

With real estate investing software, forecasting tools for renovations, assessing potential transactions, or managing rental properties can all benefit greatly. 

Why do some real estate investors succeed while others fail? 

How to research potential deals, manage rental properties for maximum profit, and determine when to sell or hold are the most common answers.

There is a free tool on this list of the best software for real estate investors that has been reviewed in depth. 

What is Real Estate Investor Software?

If you’re considering starting a real estate investment, you’ll need some kind of software that can help you keep track of all of your assets, including your rental properties, your cash flow, and your net profit.

Using the best real estate investor software, an investment property can either barely break even or generate considerable, ongoing positive cash flow year after year.

Points for Real Estate Investors Software When Choosing a Great Tool 

It is possible that a property owner’s choice of real estate investor software may not be the ideal for another. 

Many different strategies and properties are available for those interested in making an investment in real estate.

When looking at real estate investment software, these are some of the most important features to look for:

  • Ability to deal with single-family houses, small multi unit buildings and short term rentals without compromising security.
  • Real estate investment software developed to help you expand your rental property business and scale up your operations.
  • Mobile apps are available for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.
  • Control over both individual properties and a company’s entire portfolio of assets.
  • Documentation of all revenue and expenditure transactions.
  • All rental property documentation should be uploaded, organized, and stored online.
  • The process of entering a rental property, linking accounts, running financial reports, and viewing property and portfolio level reports from a single dashboard requires no kind of training.
  • Year-end reporting can be streamlined and expedited by exporting tax-ready financial statements. 
  • Security measures that are the best in the business to keep your sensitive information safe.
  • Most rental property investors don’t use the complicated capabilities that come with these tools because they’re too expensive.
  • The ability to communicate with a real person over the phone, email, or even Twitter in the event of a problem with a product.

The 10+ Best Real Estate Investor Software for 2023

1. DealMachine


Deal Machine is one of the best real estate investor software. 

It claims to be the best app for real estate investors based on the number of downloads and reviews. 

There are many features available in this software, including driving for cash, skip tracing, and real estate data.

Price: $49 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – Deal Machine

2. Valuate


When it comes to multifamily core and value-add real estate investing, Valuate by REFM is the best software solution on the market. 

Unit improvements, refinancing, and the sale of properties can be used to model properties from the rent roll. 

All forms of income-producing multifamily properties, as well as short-term fix-and-flip ventures, can benefit from the program.

Capitalization rates, ROIs, cash flow and resale analyses and cash on cash returns are a few examples of analytical tools.

Price: $19 to $49 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – Valuate

3. RealData


When it comes to evaluating investments in real estate, RealData is the go-to tool for professionals like you. 

With REIA Express, the organization caters to smaller investors, whereas REIA Professional caters to customers with substantial holdings.

Price: $209 to $1,499

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – RealData

4. Analyst PRO

Analyst PRO

CRE Tech has ranked the Analyst PRO as the best investment modeling software, encompassing lease analysis, demographics, and offering memorandums. 

Investment analysis calculations of any complexity may now be completed within minutes thanks to the software created for real estate professionals.

Price: $69.99 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – Analyst PRO

5. RealNex


As the best software for an all-in-one platform, RealNex is acclaimed. 

Customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and real estate analytics are all included in this tool for real estate investors (CRM). 

It is used by brokerage firms, investment brokers, leasing agencies, and property owners and asset managers with medium and big property portfolios to manage their properties.

Price: $149 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – RealNex

6. ProAPOD


In order to start, build, and grow a rental property business with ProAPOD, you can choose from two investment software packages. 

Quickly calculate cash flow, rate of return, and prepare proformas for multifamily and commercial properties in just a few minutes using an online cash flow calculator.

Price: $149.95 to $279.95 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – ProAPOD

7. PropertyTracker


PropertyTracker provides two web tools to help manage real estate investments: Property Evaluator and Property Tracker. 

A real estate evaluator eliminates guessing by providing all the characteristics that experts use to compare houses. 

Investors in real estate utilize Tracker as a tool to keep tabs on important financial metrics, figure out how to make the most money, and make better managerial decisions than they would otherwise.

Price: $37 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – PropertyTracker

8. Real Estate Analysis Software, LLC

Real Estate Analysis Software, LLC

Every year, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine if you should purchase, sell, or just keep looking. 

Property flippers and rehabbers can use the Cash Flow Analyzer Pro Software and the Flipper and Rehabber Pro Software, both of which are offered by Real Estate Analysis Software, LLC.

Price:  $99.95 up to $199.95 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – Real Estate Analysis Software, LLC

9. REIPro


As an all-in-one resource for real estate investors, REIPro provides everything they need, from property research to transaction analysis to premium phone number searches and on-going education. 

There is no limit to what this real estate investor program can handle, from single-family houses to massive commercial properties across the United States.

Price:  $97 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – REIPro

10. Rehab Valuator

Rehab Valuator

Rehabbers, house flippers and wholesalers use this software to compute offers and analyze transactions, to promote and share deals with buyers, to prepare deal-funding presentations and to manage projects and budgets. 

Key financial parameters such as after repair value (ARV) and maximum permitted offer are calculated using Rehab Valuator in a variety of different circumstances.

Price:  $49 to $99 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – Rehab Valuator

11. Zilculator


Automated property analysis is possible with Zilculator for residential real estate investors. 

Using data gleaned from the MLS, Zillow, and Rentometer, this program generates investment reports of the highest quality in only a few short minutes.

Price:   $13.60 per month

Try Now Best Real Estate Investor Software – Zilculator

Ending the Article with a Final Thought – Best Real Estate Investor Software

Rental property investors utilize the best real estate investor software to research potential deals, monitor the performance of income-producing real estate, and expand and grow real estate portfolios of all sizes.

Single-family homes, multifamily buildings, and short-term rentals can all be handled by the best software for real estate investment. 

Tracking income and expenses, establishing a paper trail and producing tax-ready financial reports should be possible at the property management and portfolio levels, as well as for individual properties.

Many real estate investors are pleasantly amazed to know that the ultimate real estate investor software is freely available for 1 month trial.

Benefits of Real Estate Investor Software

 1. Streamlines Operations

Real estate investor software can revolutionize the management of properties by streamlining operations through automated task management. The software can perform numerous functions automatically, such as rent collection, expense tracking, and financial report generation, allowing investors to allocate their time towards other business aspects.

2. Provides Accurate Data

Investors can obtain precise data on their properties, including rental rates, vacancy rates, and maintenance costs, by using real estate investor software. This data is beneficial in making informed decisions and recognizing areas that require improvement.

3. Improves Efficiency

By providing real-time data and analysis, real estate investor software can boost efficiency by helping investors to identify potential issues early on and take corrective action before they escalate into major problems.

4. Increases Profitability

Real estate investor software can increase profitability by providing investors with precise data and analysis, allowing for better investment decisions. Investors can use the software to identify properties that are likely to appreciate in value or generate higher rental income.

5. Enhances Communication

Real estate investor software facilitates communication between investors and tenants by providing a centralized platform for communication. The software can help tenants report maintenance issues, while investors can use it to send essential notifications and updates.


1. How does Real Estate Investor Software Work?

Real estate investor software typically works by integrating with other systems such as property management software, accounting software, and banking systems. It can also be used as a standalone system. Real estate investor software can collect data from various sources and provide insights in real-time. It can also automate tasks and streamline workflows.

2. What Features Should I Look for in Real Estate Investor Software?

When choosing real estate investor software, it’s important to look for features that are relevant to your business. Some features to consider include:

  • Property management tools such as rent collection, lease renewals, and maintenance requests
  • Accounting and tax reporting features
  • Performance analysis tools such as cash flow projections and ROI calculations
  • Communication tools such as email and text messaging
  • Mobile access for on-the-go management

3. How Do I Choose the Right Real Estate Investor Software for My Business?

When choosing real estate investor software, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget. Some factors to consider include:

  • The size and complexity of your real estate portfolio
  • The types of properties you own (e.g., residential, commercial, multi-unit)
  • Your budget for software and ongoing maintenance
  • Your level of technical expertise
  • The scalability of the software (i.e., can it grow with your business?)

4. Is Real Estate Investor Software only for Large Real Estate Businesses?

No, real estate investor software can be used by anyone from novice investors to experienced professionals, regardless of the size of their portfolio.

5. Is Real Estate Investor Software Expensive?

The cost of real estate investor software varies depending on the provider and the features included. Some software providers offer tiered pricing plans that cater to different business sizes and needs.

6. Do I Need to be Tech-Savvy to Use Real Estate Investor Software?

While some technical expertise can be helpful, most real estate investor software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Many software providers offer training and support to help users get started.

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